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About Hariprasad

Hariprasad J R, celebrated as Kerala's best digital expert, is deeply committed to transforming careers and businesses in this digital era. His extensive experience, encompassing a remarkable 13-year journey in Sales & Marketing and Team Management, establishes him as a leader brimming with vital insights and proficiency.Hariprasad's illustrious career features partnerships with well-known giants like HDFC Bank Ltd and UAE Exchange, as well as various emerging startups. This wide range of experience has deepened his comprehensive understanding of the complex digital landscape.With pride, he has guided over 3,000 students towards digital expertise, creating an international student network spread across 10 countries. This continually expanding educational group showcases his substantial influence and scope in the digital world.

E-Learning Programs

Your Gateway to Real-time Learning. Merge the flexibility of e-learning with the vibrancy of live, interactive classes. Learn, engage, and evolve with our expert-guided Zoom sessions. Master new skills from the comfort of your home. Your personalized learning journey starts here!

Online Live Classes

Your Personal Pace Academy. Dive into our meticulously curated recorded sessions, structured chapter-wise for easy navigation. Learn at your own rhythm, revisit concepts, and unlock mastery in your chosen field. Embrace the freedom to learn, anytime, anywhere!


Your Passport to Limitless Learning. Embark on an exciting educational journey with our rich collection of free, recorded sessions. Embrace the liberty to learn, at your pace and on your terms. Ignite your curiosity and explore new horizons, absolutely free!

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